Use music to stimulate your training session

18th April 2017

Music plays a key role in creating a stimulating learning environment and acts as an energy pill to engage the participants in a positive manner:- Ø Start your training session with music which is easy on the ears and has an up-beat tempo to aid in some safe feeling conversation started. Ø It would be wise to select your music according to your subject and make sure you download the right kind of music, listen to it and then implement in your class. Ø Go for break time music selecting one particular track which you can play every time you want your group of participants to come back from their breaks. This saves you having to round them up and moreover, the music will help to draw everybody’s attention. Ø You can opt for Baroque music during ongoing session as research shows that playing Baroque music actually accelerates the learning. Some participants especially the older ones might find music a bit distracting but otherwise playing a range of music always helps in a training environment. Ø Incorporate music when you are planning activities with your participants to make it more interesting and lively. You need not be an expert on music but you can always do your bit of research be it Baroque music or traditional classical music and buy relevant CDs to enliven your training. Ø End your training on a musical note and provide your participants with something to look forward to in the next session. You can always play music that kind of reflects the day it has been or something apt for the next training session. Ø A portable CD player would be best for your classroom if you are imparting training to a smaller group. Otherwise get yourself an iPod which can be plugged into speakers and controlled by a remote control to provide a very sophisticated session with larger groups.

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