Assessment For Learning Vs Assessment OF Learning

2nd April 2023

Is the evaluation for the instructor or the student? If you need to know why you're assessing, you and the students are losing time, effort, and resources.

Consider yourself a doctor: Before you deliver the evaluation, you must prepare for what you will do with what you learn from the data—ideally before you even build the instrument.

It is critical to differentiate between the following:

  • Assessment of Learning
  • Assessment for Learning


Assessment of Learning

Assessment of learning is the most familiar. The learner’s performance is measured and compared to a standard in this model. Often, the student is graded or provided some other type of feedback. This is commonly referred to as "formative assessment" since it happens during education and aids in the direction of instruction.

In this situation, evaluation determines how well a student has studied the subject matter. When students are evaluated according to their knowledge and abilities, assessment for learning takes place. Teachers or other professionals assessing students' knowledge and abilities conduct learning assessments. Establishing whether a learner has picked up specific topic knowledge and skills is known as an assessment of learning.

Assessment is used to judge whether or not students have learned. Direct observation or summative evaluations may be used to measure learning. It is a method of assisting students in understanding how well they know something or do a job. The learning evaluation process informs instructors, parents, and students about their learning progress.

Assessment for Learning

Information on student performance in particular tasks that correspond to the knowledge and skills being taught is gathered as part of the assessment for learning. It may be used to design lessons, assess students' progress, and judge a teaching program's efficacy.

Assessments for Learning focus on how well a student has learned a concept in a particular circumstance. It involves gathering information from instructors and students and then analyzing that information. The assessment may be done using various techniques, including written examinations, instructor interviews, observation, etc. The assessment aims to see the student's performance in a particular course.

Written By : Dr Sanjib Chakraborty

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