Organizations can reap benefits from effective training

4th May 2017

Organizations these days are putting emphasis on training and using it as a significant strategy to improve employee retention rates, customer satisfaction and enhancing creativity and problem solving skills. Meeting Employee Needs Training programs must be designed in a way so that it should meet the needs and requirements of the employees. Proper communication and correct information must be conveyed to the employees regarding the training and companies offering need based training are able to retain employees especially those who find training tailored to their needs. Effective training saves time and money Effective training plays a vital role in improving performance of the workforce and the company’s investment in improving the knowledge and skills of its employees and notably saving both time and money for the company in the long run. Furthermore, training helps to reduce frequent mistakes eventually reducing staff turnover, lowering maintenance costs by reducing equipment breakdowns and resulting in more happy customers. Better performance leads to increased productivity and lesser need for supervision. Reduction in Costs Turnover costs like separation costs, such as exit interviews, administrative functions related to termination, severance pay and unemployment compensation reduce significantly along with replacement costs like inviting and interviewing new applicants, testing, travel and moving expenses, pre-employment administrative expenses, medical exams and employment information if well trained employees are part of the organization. Satisfied Employees Effective training has a positive impact on employees as it enhances the morale and self-esteem of the employees transforming them into confident and loyal employees and their chances of sticking with the companies increase as the provision of excellent training opportunities boost the loyalty factor to a large extent. Factors determining training needs Determining the training factors is of vital importance especially if the organization is losing employees at regular intervals. Vacancies, the stress and tension from turnover, eroding employee morale and the decreased productivity are the areas to look out for before planning a training program.

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