Employee Mental Health needs to be a Workplace Priority

7th October 2017

Decision making is an integral part of our life, be it at home or work. A hasty decision not only affects an entire team, it may also affect the company's success. According to a research, it is reported that important decisions made by intelligent and responsible people with the best information and intentions are often found to be severely flawed. The research describes our mind and its two aspects.

One, the fight or flight reaction, that is based on instinct which enables us to make emotion driven and hasty decisions. Two, the logical, careful thought processes. It is quite predictable that most of our bad decisions come from the fight or flight response, which is emotion-driven. As human beings, we are continuously assessing available options and react to experiences with emotion that is formed by memories. This process is totally unconscious. Several studies have shown that anxiety weakens our ability in decision making by putting us in a state of fight or flight.

So, to engage your team in some thoughtful decision making, it is of utmost importance to foster an environment that prioritizes and boosts mental health. Emphasize the importance of stress management rather than having your employees to rely on stress for a quick fix motivation, both for well-being and productivity. Some of which are as follows: Mental health awareness People, especially employees, need to be made aware that their mental health is of as much importance as their physical health and needs to be taken care of. It can be the root for many severe physical problems.

Set a good example Stress is inevitable if you have a role that demands great responsibility. If you want to cultivate a positive environment for your employees, setting a good example is important. Let your employees take daily breaks and vacations.

Do not put unnecessary stress Decisions that are anxiety or stress driven aren't the best ones, so putting pressure on employees to meet deadlines or to get work done may just contribute to a team's overall anxiety.

Recreation is necessary The best way to let go off stress and anxiety is to provide employees with ample opportunities for creativity, inspiration and plenty of fun, which also includes other options.

Motivate them with inspiration rather than pressure Open communication It is the job of a leader to give that much space to the employees to approach management with any query, unattended needs, or concerns.

The team members will be mentally relieved of anxieties and show improved performance.

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