Why Entrepreneurship Intention as a research topic?

26th August 2014

Entrepreneurship is one of the most in vogue topics across the globe and is a driving force behind the economic development of nations. It is gradually gaining importance as an independent factor of economic growth and is turning to be the lifeblood of every economy as it is the concept that is fostering hope and giving impetus to the creation of jobs, wealth, innovation and is proving to be extremely beneficial for a country`s economic growth. The impact of entrepreneurship is stimulating enough and it is becoming quite instrumental in the advancement of economies both on regional and national levels. The determinants of the decision to become an entrepreneur are varied which have led to the disagreements among social scientists. This has led to some concerns that policies may not be sufficiently efficient in achieving this objective. Hence, studies are being conducted in identifying and analyzing the entrepreneurial intention and its determinants but however, approaches and research methodologies employed so far differ widely. Therefore, knowledge of the determinants of entrepreneurial intention can prove to be highly effective in entrepreneurial training. This can bring radical change in ascertaining the right path which will aid in molding the mind which will further influence the consequent behavior before embarking on a new venture.

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