Lesson 3 - Your company's focus comes with experimentation

5th December 2014

(Extract from Interview) One of my biggest lessons in building a business was what I learnt in the first year of my venture with (name withheld) -- that you have to build a business with a single, constant focus setting aside all your other big ideas.   Your center of attention isn't your product, or your customers, or your market. Rather, your true focus is somewhere at the intersection of what you're passionate about + what problem you want to solve + why that problem matters.   For (name withheld) today, our center of attention is to create the modern internet with meaningful content, beyond annoying ads. We believe that advertising can be high quality and valuable to the user who sees it, those ads can be fresh and comply with the site they live on.   In the early days of (name withheld), we lacked somewhere when it came to complete focus and it took us a few years to learn that lesson.

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