Lesson 4 - Mistakes will bring in new opportunities

8th December 2014

Extract from Interview: The greatest lesson I learnt was that mistakes are part and parcel of your business. You need to keep an open mind and if you are willing to listen to constructive criticism you can excel by learning and evolving. In my experience as an entrepreneur, there have been times, especially early on, when I encountered issues that seemed impossible to overcome.   For example, when I managed an artist on Capital Records that got dropped, I was devastated. But in truth, it showed me how vital social media is to breaking talent in this new world order. If I never failed with that project, I would not have realized the importance of social media and its impact on traditional media.   The lesson I learnt helped me develop a new set of skills, which led me to co-founding (Name withheld). With a lot of tenacity and a willingness to be flexible, we were able to overcome obstacles and prove we are a brand who is here to stay. I have learnt not to get too excited or too defeated as I build my business. Each day is like a roller coaster filled with ups, downs, thrills, and unexpected turns.

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