Lesson 5 - Use your negative experiences to make a fresh start

10th December 2014

Extract from Interview The biggest failure I ever had was when I invested in an 800,000 THB program that promised if I simply followed their suggestions I would make a lot of money. I did precisely what they suggested and it was a huge failure. And ethically I felt extremely bad. The return rate was off the charts and it was a miserable experience.   I gathered all those negative experiences and figured out a way to launch events that were convenient for me. This led to the birth of my online summits. Eventually Social Media Success Summit was born.   It was such a huge success that I launched a new experimental website called (name withheld) back in 2009. Turned out I was on to something. Today millions of people visit our site and it is one of the largest business blogs on the planet. So moral of the story: let your failures help you get rid of the obstacles and clear your way, so new ideas can be born. You never know, one of those ideas might turn out to be the pillar of your success!  

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