Lesson 6 - You have the power to stabilize your career!

11th December 2014

Extract of a portion of an interview.   A lot of people deliberately avoid the entrepreneur / freelance route because of the lack of stability. I was one of those people who applied for jobs that did not match my requirements because I believed a full-time job will provide me security.   I lost jobs which are not typically considered a failure; I felt it happened twice because I was not truly passionate about my job. I felt the lack of passion was what made me an easy target for the first round of termination in both cases.   From these experiences, I learnt that traditional jobs don’t always guarantee stability whereas doing something you are passionate about can lead to more stability. This is because you have the power to get more work. You are in control of your marketing and client acquisition. You can adjust your pricing and offerings to match the supply and demand within your industry. You will be the one to ensure your own success.  

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