Challenges faced by Teachers in 21st Century Classrooms

4th September 2021


Classroom challenges are an indispensable part of the teaching profession and teachers must cultivate the skills to overcome these challenges confidently. ...

Written By : Dr Sanjib Chakraborty

What’s Next in the Future of Corporate Training?

26th August 2021


The world is evolving rapidly. Learning & Development (L&D) professionals risk being left behind the pace of change unless they can adapt their skill set to ensure their continued relevance and survival in this new environment. Here are some trends thats shaping L&D that need to be considered holistically to deliver meaningful results into the future.  ...

Written By : Dr Sanjib Chakraborty

Employee-led learning and development is a good L&D strategy

6th November 2018

Training and development has grabbed the attention of the employees like never before than it is today. Forward-looking organisations are devising strategies to attract, engage and retain the best people with effective L&D programs. L&D is topping the priority list: As per L&D analysis 16 out of 20 employees – or 80% opts for training and development and think it is a key driver of employee engagement.In modern working environment employees, and particularly high potenti ...

Why is Learning and Performance Interlinked?

9th June 2018

Following performance reviews, employees often find themselves in situations their skill or performance gaps are pointed out. However, they are often unaware of the means to address those gaps. It is essential for employees to be exposed to consistent learning in order to accelerate their performance. Infact, research claims that a proper link between learning and performance improves performance by 95%. The relationship between learning and performance depends upon the content's relevance t ...

Employee Mental Health needs to be a Workplace Priority

7th October 2017

Decision making is an integral part of our life, be it at home or work. A hasty decision not only affects an entire team, it may also affect the company's success. According to a research, it is reported that important decisions made by intelligent and responsible people with the best information and intentions are often found to be severely flawed. The research describes our mind and its two aspects. One, the fight or flight reaction, that is based on instinct which enables us to make emot ...

Refine Learning and Development Programs for your Workforce

23rd August 2017

Nowadays, it is important to invest money in learning and developmental programs to improve the work efficiency of the employees. Research shows that even after spending a lot more than $150 billion on learning and developmental programs, many organizations still struggle with improving the effectiveness of its workforce. To improve these learning programs is a concerning topic for the HR executives. Various researches have been conducted to see how these programs can be made effective. Compani ...

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